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Volume 4, Issue 6, November 2016

  • Author: Sushant Rath

    Abstract: Hot rolling process of flat products is a complex process involving plastic deformation of steel, multi-mode heat transfer, microstructure evolution and elastic deformation of rolls and strips. Computer simulation of this process is essential for design modifications of mill hardware and optimization of process parameters to achieve desired product quality with minimum processing cost and minimum energy consumption. This paper describes combined use of two commercially available softwares for computers simulation of hot rolling process after necessary customization. DEFORM, a general purpose Finite Element Method (FEM)software, has been customized for simulation of roll-bite deformation; HSMM, a general purpose software for simulation of overall hot rolling process, has been customized for simulation of entire rolling process of a hot strip mill. The roll force predicted by DEFORM software has been validated with experimental rolling mill data before making simulations. Computer simulations have been carried out in DEFORM to study the effect of coefficient of friction and pass reduction on roll force. A typical HSMM simulation reveals that there is scope of reducing alloy consumption in steel composition by improving laminar cooling system hot strip mills.

    Received: Oct. 28, 2016 Accepted: Dec. 30, 2016 Published: Jan. 24, 2017

    DOI: 10.11648/ View: Downloads: